rMembers of the Durban Entrepreneurs Club that was founded a year ago by award winning entrepreneur, Grant Gavin, celebrated a successful year, at a members only function that was held at the Durban Country Club recently. The club has grown its membership exponentially, and this is mainly due to the fact that Grant and his team have fielded some influential, knowledgeable and entertaining speakers that have added value to the club and its members. Grant explained that the club would continue to find ways to boost value to members with mentorship programmes and training courses – the first will be one on Social Media that will be presented by a previous DEC speaker, Barry Tuck.
Guest speaker at the event was Olympic Medalist, sprint canoeist, Bridgitte Hartley, who gave an account of her journey leading up to the 2012 Olympics and her medal win. She was the first South African to win a medal in the Sprint Canoe race. Said Bridgitte, “I had prepared really well – mentally and physically – for the race, and it paid off. Much like starting ones own company, preparation and passion are vital to make it a success.” Bridgitte will be competing in the 2017 Dusi Marathon.
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Glenda Thompson.