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In order to be a great company you must be relatable and practice what you preach. In order to be relatable you must have a story, We all have a story. At Get-U–Noticed we are just great at telling people about your stories. What you think the value of a product is and what customers think that value is may be two very different things. Of course, their opinion is more important. Get-U–Noticed can help align your offerings with customer opinion.

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We Will Stand on your Soap Box

We will resound through the community, positioning you as Emperor Penguin of your iceberg and because no one knows your business better than you, and no one knows PR better than we do, together – we will succeed!

Why you want the Penguin

Penguins are graceful and adaptable. They aggressively pursue a goal, and protect and promote their group, which they stay with for life. They are social and active. The penguin is resourceful and gets the job done! And lets not forget how endearing they are! 

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Noteworthy Quotes

It takes 20 years to build a reputation, and five minutes to ruin it! If you think about that, you’ll do things differently! 

Warren Buffet
– American Business magnate | Investor | Philanthropist

Mass Adertising Can Help Build Brands, But Authenticity Is What Makes Them Last.

Howard Schultz
– How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup At A Time

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Our Wonderful Clients

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What Our Clients Say

I used the services of Glenda Thompson for several months and in that time, she secured a massive article for me in the Sunday Times as well as many PR opportunities with East Coast Radio and many online publications as well as some newspaper features. Glenda is very good at connecting people and she introduced me to some influential people in her network, who I have started working closely with. I believe that PR is a cost effective form of Marketing and Glenda is a seasoned professional who understands her clients’ needs very well.


It’s one thing to be awesome at what you do – it is another thing to make sure that people know about this. Glenda’s personalized approach to understanding our business at Bradshaw LeRoux, and her ability to identify opportunities for us to profile our value, resulted in enhanced brand credibility and new client relationships. She really has got me noticed, with several well placed articles in magazines and the national press, speaking opportunities and nominating me for several awards – which I have been lucky enough to win.


Glenda has handled the Public Relations and Communications for the Hirsch Group for the last nine years with solid, down to earth skill and intelligence. She has put together well thought out PR campaigns for the Hirsch Group, and as a result we have had massive media coverage. She has also worked on the content and edited our Hirsch magazine since its inception in 2007, and which this year, really exceeded expectations and had rave reviews from our customers and suppliers. She overlooks the PR activities for our PRO’s in KZN, Gauteng and the Cape, and they have really taken our business to a new level and our ladies meeting, domestic workers groups and business networking function are now becoming legendary in the entire country.

Back in 2012, she nominated me for my first major award which I really did not think I would win, but her encouragement buoyed me on, and I went on to win this award (the BWASA Entrepreneur of the Year Award) which changed my life completely from the local toaster sales lady to international celebrity. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that my life would take a turn in this direction, and it’s thanks to Glenda for her encouragement and for nominating me for this many more awards which I have been lucky enough to win.

I love my new life and can only thank Glenda for the work that she put in to get me – and Hirsch’s – noticed!


“Most business owners focus on marketing and branding, yet forget the power of adding PR into the mix.Over the last 4 years, Glenda has helped me tremendously in adding this extra piece of the puzzle in building both my personal and business brands.”

- Grant Gavin | RE/MAX Panache

“Glenda is passionate about her clients and loves to see them succeed. She is always looking to find different opportunities to promote her clients across all platforms both in print and digital. Glenda is a breath of fresh air and has an optimistic outlook that is contagious. Glenda is a joy to work with and can highly recommend her services. .”

- Sarah Swainson - M.D. Sarah Elizabeth and Pawfect