International Business Growth Radio, (IBGR) a top global business talk and news network, has announced their new business programming season with a variety of hosts from around the world. IBGR has seen a steady growth in listenership in the last two years from the 185 countries that it broadcasts to.


“According to statistics, there are 582 million entrepreneurs around the world.  20% will fail in the first year, and this is because there is no market need and a lack of business skills. We WANT to see entrepreneurs thrive. Our goal is to make it easy for any business owner to access the resources they need regardless of their location. We do this by making all of our live broadcasts and podcasts available on mobiles, computers or tablets,” says William Eastman who founded IBGR (pictured)


Featured shows include:


The Referral Guy, Steve Sweeney who broadcasts from Melbourne in Australia. Steve is also the owner and Head Trainer at the Australian Referral Training Academy; an elite training ground for the next generation of business owners who want to combat the status quo and learn how to reliably attract referrals. This show is dedicated to increasing entrepreneurs’ exposure to their existing warm market. By combining the magic of the internet and a direct social media campaign, interviewees can deepen the connections they already have with the people who are already considering becoming their next client. Steve Sweeney can be reached on info@referralacademycom.au.


Redefining the Rules with host Joern ‘Joe” Menniger broadcasts from Frankfurt Rhine-Main Metropolitan Area. Jörn “Joe” Menninger is startup scout and innovation consultant, as well as the founder and host of the Startuprad.io™ franchise. He helps investors to find startups or acquisition targets in Europe. As a consultant, he helps enterprises with their startup strategy and cooperation. He has more than a decade of experience as a management consultant and several years as a startup scout.

There is no shortage of success stories that can be told about German-based companies looking for global expansion opportunities abroad or investors seeking fresh investment prospects at home and abroad. Startuprad.io continues this with keeping you up to date with the latest on the German-speaking startup scene in Germany (Europe’s largest economy), Switzerland, and Austria. Joe can be reached on startuprad.io/ (Company) startup.radio (Radio Station) medium.com/startuprad-io (Blog)



Get You Noticed with host Glenda Thompson who will broadcast from South Africa.  Glenda, who owns and runs a successful PR Agency, Get U Noticed, interviews entrepreneurs from around Africa, and gets them to tell THEIR stories. “Reducing poverty on the continent, one entrepreneur at a time, is what this series is all about.  From people who have had incredible success, to those that just need encouragement, business advice and a way to get their product noticed. We have an impressive lineup of speakers coming on board for the season.”  Says Glenda. Glenda can be reached on glenda@getunoticed.co.za


Voices That Vibrate the World with host Monique McDonald broadcasting from New York City in the USA. MONIQUE is a Grammy-nominated, award-winning vocal specialist and certified Conscious Transformational Coach. Known as the Magnetic Voice Mentor, Monique’s passion is to empower speakers and entrepreneurs with the executive presence and mastery of the human voice. Her show is dedicated to speakers and entrepreneurs who are ready to refine their message/story and find their authentic voice. She interviews speakers and leaders who are called to inspire creativity, innovation and healing as we navigate these uncertain times. They are, in their own way, voices that vibrate the world. You can reach Monique at www.themagneticvoice.com or email monique@themagneticvoice.com


Finally, The Founders Interview Series with host and the Founder of IBGR William Eastman broadcasting from Richmond, Virginia, in the USA. This show features successful entrepreneurs sharing their stories. “The goal of the series is to help other entrepreneurs around the world gain insights on how to start, grow, and exit a business. Our interview guests have done it and shared their lessons learned to prevent learning from the school of hard knocks. Those lessons are unpredictable and painful.” Says Bill. He can be reached on:  Websites: IBGR.Network (Company); IBGR.News (News Station); ibgr.network/ibgr_blog (Blog)







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