Three days before Black Friday, South African economists predictions for the biggest shopping event of the year were bleak. According to the headline article in the Mercury on November 21, there would be “reduced spending following revelations that consumer debt has increased to alarming levels.”
For retailers like Hirsch’s, there was also the significant issue that port delays would wreak havoc with supply and demand. However, Hirsch’s had cleverly planned ahead and much of their Black Friday stock had already been off loaded and delivered. They started their Black Friday specials on the 1st of November as they did last year. For the month of November 2023, sales were up by 8% – a significant increase.
Premium brands like SMEG, Siemens, Bosch and Samsung were very much in demand throughout the sales period, with customers going for high end products. New products were also brought into play, particularly in the power solutions category. Hirsch’s and their Samsung Concept stores also saw significant growth in the mobile phone and gaming category. But it wasn’t just demand for product that helped Hirsch’s beat the odds. Customer service from their well trained staff made a significant difference. Testimonials have poured in from satisfied customers, with one going on radio (94.7) to sing a Hirsch’s Fourways Salesman’s praises.
Commented Richard Hirsch, CEO of Hirsch’s, “Thanks to our teams for going the extra mile, and to our customers, many of whom are third and fourth generation Hirsch shoppers: Your trust in our company is very much appreciated. It allows us to continue to do what we love – provide you with quality products at the best prices. Thank you for choosing Hirsch’s.”

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