So what do you do? Why do you do it? Wouldn’t you rather spend time on the beach or playing golf? These are questions I often get asked. Get U Noticed has been in existence since 2007 – although I only decided on the name 8 years ago. The basic format has been going for sixteen years. So why did I start the business, and what keeps me going? It’s quite simple. Its’s FUN! It’s exciting, it’s life changing – and because I love what I do, my business has been a success.
There is nothing like finding angles to get my awesome set of clients noticed. This week I hosted a health talk at Hirsch’s Ballito with an old client of mine Kerry Dell as Guest Speaker. Kerry moved to New Zealand from SA six years ago and started her Keps Health business from scratch. Today she has clients all over the world! Her talk was life changing. Many of the people in the audience were clients of hers and they spoke in glowing terms about how she had turned their lives around – by simply following a sensible but fairly strict regimen.
I invited Kerry to give a talk on my IBGR.NETWORK show – and you can listen to this on @spotify – the Get U Noticed show.
Hirsch’s constantly keeps me busy with editing and dreaming up PR ideas to get them noticed. I’m excited to launch a children’s book I created for them soon. It’s titled –Hirsch’s Happy Helpmates! Watch this space. It should be out by Christmas!
Working with Denver and Cerisha from @digitalproductions/ the Get Real Show – has been fantastic. Great to have two of my clients, @MelAlafaci and Yael Geffen on the DSTV channel 180 show as regular clients. AND a big shout out to @MikeCharles from @Life&Style radio 88fm for having Yael on the morning show last week – and Mel booked for next week!
So guys – NEVER a dull moment. It’s not being busy for the sake of being busy. It’s being busy for the JOY it brings!

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