Amidst the turmoil on the political and economic front in our country, the Durban Entrepreneurs Club set out to inspire over 200 attendees at their April event that featured MNET Shark Tank Investor and successful entrepreneur Marnus Broodryk.

Commented Club Chairman and Founder of the DEC, Grant Gavin “Our goal for the evening was to inspire our entrepreneurs by not only giving them an escape from the current negativity in our country, but also to remind them that as business leaders they have no option but to remain positive.”

Grant started the evening off by challenging Durban entrepreneurs to become stronger leaders during tougher times. “Our country is crying out for strong leadership right now, and as business leaders we are on stage every day. Regardless of our personal view points on politics or economic situations, we need to walk into our businesses every day and inspire our people to achieve, regardless of market conditions. Our attitudes determine our success, and its imperative that we get our minds right,” concluded Gavin.

Broodryk echoed these sentiments and followed-up with an extremely entertaining and inspiring talk on what he feels are the key ingredients to becoming a successful entrepreneur, stressing the importance of having the right mindset, and attitude, and how imperative it is that entrepreneurs are awake to how quickly the world and markets are changing. Having 20/20 foresight for these new markets and opportunities will always keep an entrepreneur ahead of the curve.

Marnus challenged the entrepreneurs to always remain humble, and look after the staff in their businesses. Entrepreneurs have a responsibility to develop and enrich their staff, and he bemoaned the entrepreneurs who don’t re-invest profits into their own people, as this has been a major factor in his own company’s success. Be the leader who inspires your staff to new heights. APRIL MEETING. Crowd Pic