Get-U-Noticed is delighted with the coverage received on client and retail giant Allan Hirsch’s milestone birthday. Full page in Sunday Tribune and magazine coverage too!DSC_0024
Allan Hirsch, the man who, 38 years ago, founded the Mega Appliance and Electronics store Hirsch’s, turns seventy this month (April) and still looks like a man in his fifties. Gyming and putting a lot of thought into what he eats every day have got a lot to do with the fact that he doesn’t look his age.
We chatted to Allan about his health, his philosophy in life and how he manages to balance work and home life, and future plans.
Allan exudes positive energy and his approach to life is clearly what keeps him young. “Staying young is definitely between the ears. It’s attitude.” He says, altho he admits that he hasn’t always been health conscious. “In my forties, my ambition was to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, and I knew that I needed to be fit to do so. I started running, but pulled a calf muscle because I didn’t get the basics right! I ended up getting myself a trainer and started gyming. When I turned fifty, I headed up Kilimanjaro and it was such an amazing experience, it got me hooked on hiking! Machu Picchu in Peru was next, and a few years ago – Everest Base Camp.” He now has his eye set on Mt. Blanc in France.
Both Allan and Margaret are still heavily involved with running Hirsch’s – they have twenty branches and Concept stores around the country and fly between KZN, Gauteng and the Cape every week,, with a week spent out of the country, sourcing new products for the stores. They start their day off at 4.30 every morning, with Allan heading off to the gym for a forty minute session on the treadmill both on the incline and the flat. He also does knee, chest, back and leg muscle exercises, and, from time to time attends Pilates classes. Then he heads back home and whips up a healthy smoothie – usually consisting of Broccoli, avocado, nuts, celery, fruit and a raw egg. His daily supplements include Omega 3 and Vitamin B and D. Lunch consists of a protein and salad, and dinner, a stir fry with vegies and meat, fish or chicken. He confesses to the odd mid-morning binge on cheese, and he has a weakness for good coffee.
Allan has always been passionate about cricket – he used to play league, and then socially in Durban, but today he is a proud sponsor, supporter and spectator, watching the Proteas play whenever he can. “I got involved with sponsorship of local players back in the day when some our players were leaving the province as there was no incentive to stay. It has given me a huge amount of pleasure watching some of the people that Hirsch’s have supported over the years, grow from strength to strength – and pass their knowledge and skills on to younger players representing our country.!” He says.
Allan considers his Dyslexia (he was diagnosed as a Dyslexic when he was in his mid 20’s) as a gift. It has made him think laterally and he has strived to stay on top of his game with everything he does because of it. He reads three books a month – mostly motivational books – and keeps constantly up to date with everything that is new on the market. “Something I really enjoy is talking to customers about the products we sell and how they can get the most out of them.” He says.
Does he ever plan to retire? “It hasn’t really entered my head. I love my life and the business. There may come a time when I will prefer spending time watching my Grandsons (the Hirsch’s have five Grandsons) play sport, but right now, I think I have the balance just right.”
Glenda Thompson.