Get U Noticed’s Glenda Thompson had the privilege of attending the African Women’s Leadership Summit 2017’s Gala Evening and Awards Event recently as a guest speaker. The event was organised by Amazon Watch Magazine and held at the Coastlands Hotel in Durban. G.U.N client Lesa Bradshaw from Bradshaw Le Roux was one of the panelists during the evening. Glenda represented client and award winning business woman, Margaret Hirsch, who was the recipient of an award as one of the top 25 Women Leaders in Business in Africa.
Glenda spoke on the importance of building the right image for a company and the importance of businesses giving back to the communities in which they operate – and never losing touch with the reason WHY they started their businesses in the first place. Other speakers included Dr. Judy Dlamini, the executive chairman of Mbekani Group in South Africa, and the Deputy Mayor, Cllr. Peer. The event was co-ordinated by Hawa Charfaray, the CEO of Training Excellence, who was a 2016 recipient of the Amazon Watch Magazine top business women in Africa awards.