SPEAKERS AT THE P.A APPOINTMENTS FUNCTION - GRANT GAVIN, CINDY NORCOTT AND DARRYN LE GRANGE. DSC_0027Pro Appointments recently hosted a fun, motivational seminar at the Mount Edgecombe Country Club with three inspiring, award winning speakers, Grant Gavin, Cindy Norcott and Darryn Le Grange. Commented CEO of Pro Appointments Cindy Norcott who hosted the event, the seminar which was attended by over 150 entrepreneurs and business leaders in the corporate world, was held to give business leaders a well needed shot in the arm to help boost their business skills.
The overwhelming message from all three speakers was to avoid negativity, and to continue to grow ones knowledge through reading inspirational books – and networking.
Business Coach, Darryn Le Grange, told delegates that they shouldn’t put self-limiting beliefs on themselves. “Be open to learn new things, don’t resist change, and most importantly – make the most out of life and have fun!” He said.
Host, Cindy Norcott, gave delegates ten easy steps to “kick butt”. Her amusing, yet thought provoking talk gave everyone hints and tips on how to build better versions of themselves by working through To Do lists on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. “Develop a clear idea of what you want, and set goals so big that you feel that you won’t be able to achieve them – but ultimately, by going forth and kicking butt, you will.” She said.
In his presentation on “Lessons from a Traffic Light” Inspirational speaker and Property Entrepreneur, Grant Gavin, said that we all need to test the concept of fear and uncertainty. “Put yourself in an uncomfortable position and it will change your perception of who you are. Break through your comfort zone to find the better you. “We see so much poverty in this country that our minds have become clouded by what we should be giving. Give time. When you do this, you will inspire others and you’ll become a better version of yourselves.” He explained.
The next Mega Motivational Seminar will be held at Westville Country Club and will be a fund raiser for the Robin Hood Foundation which was started by Cindy to give back to a variety of charities throughout KZN.