Fishermen would be totally useless without their hooks, and for them, it’s about using the right sized hook. Try catching a small mouthed fish with a gigantic hook. The self respecting prey would simply nibble away at the bait and swim happily away once it had finished nibbling. Public Relations is much the same. If you don’t have a hook, and the right sized one at that, you don’t have a story, and PR is all about telling a good story.
Whenever I take on a new client, the first thing I need to find out is what the highlight, or piece of newsworthy significance is so that I can angle their story correctly. Editors will immediately take the bait if they see that the hook is right for their publication.
This week has been a perfect example of having the right sized client hook for respective media outlets. We had seven 20 second flights on East Coast Radio’s Business Watch on a quote from my wonderful, Unstoppable, HR client, PRO APPOINTMENTS CEO, Cindy Norcott, on what positions were being sought after by employers. The advertising value spend equivalent on the flighting was huge and it put Cindy and PR Appointments in the spotlight as being the HR company to go to for clients looking for staff – and staff looking for positions. It was topical and interesting and caught the news team – and the public’s interest.
Get-U-Noticed anchor client HIRSCH’S hook this week was their nomination for two massive National Business awards. Get-U-Noticed nominated them for the Customer Focus Award and they also nominated Chief Operations Officer, Margaret Hirsch as Top Performing Business Leader of The Year in the National Business Awards. They have been announced as finalists in both categories and go to the awards ceremony in mid November to attend the awards ceremony. Again the Business Watch team picked the piece up as did the print and online media. It gained excellent exposure.
Exposure for all the GET-U-NOTICED clients this past week has been fantastic, thanks to the team finding the right hook for the story. Never under estimate the importance of that tiny but significant piece of hardware in our industry.