Getting clients into magazines is one of the most rewarding experiences for Public Relations and Communications consultants. It is the cherry on the top, and in the case of the Hirsch’s and LG feature that appears in the latest Food and Home Magazine (Caxton group) this was literally the case as the cherries made it to the top of the gorgeous Christmas Pavlova cake that was featured, alongside a delectable looking stuffed turkey, in article – on the first two pages of Food and Home, one of the most popular food magazines in South Africa!
When Caxton’s Commercial Manager, Eugene Rafferty-Marais and I got together a few months ago to discuss the possibility of doing a feature on Margaret Hirsch, the COO of the Hirsch Group – who literally made the microwave famous with her demonstration cookery schools on the new microwaves 38 years ago – and tie the feature in with the launch of the newly launched LG Neo Chef, we knew we were onto a good thing. It would just take a lot of gentle persuasion to get the players involved.
When we asked the editor of Food and Home, Andrea Pafitis-Hill, if she would like to try out the new state of the art microwave with Margaret, she was delighted with the idea and readily accepted the challenge. After much discussion, the deal was sealed and the result speaks for itself. A gorgeous double page spread in the Christmas Issue of Food and Home.
What a wonderful way to end a very successful year on the PR front!! Thanks to Eugene for being such a great team player!

Glenda Thompson.