em>The Durban Entrepreneurs Club, headed up by one of Durbans top property entrepreneurs and inspirational speakers, Grant Gavin, has become a favorite networking spot for Durban Entrepreneurs, and the GetUNoticed team loves the buzz and the vibe at the meetings. No more so when one of the guest speakers is a client – in this case, Tanya Visser.
Intelligent, Insightful, humorous and thoroughly entertaining – words that sum up the talk that Author, Magazine Publisher, TV Personality and Gardening Guru, Tanya Visser gave at the Durban Entrepreneurs Club June Meeting that was held recently. Tanya explained the importance of listening to one’s gut (“the gentle voice is the gut feeling”) when making decisions – a ploy she used when she decided to take up horticulture as a career, and something that has seen her business in good stead through the years.
Sound snippets of advice from Tanya “Do what you love and what you know; everyone has a story to tell, listen to what they have to say, there is so much you can learn from other people’s stories; Never expect someone to do a job you have never done (a reference she made to her first job, which involved a few solid weeks of weeding); be hard on standards and soft on people; wear your heart on your sleeve and always have something uplifting to say; give everyone space to share their ideas. We are living in a world of instant gratification and we’re suffering because of it – take time to sit back and smell the roses””
Tanya is one of many top speakers that Grant Gavin, Chairman of the DEC has invited to address the growing number of members – entrepreneurs that travel from throughout KZN to attend the monthly gatherings. Grant has started a coaching program called DEC Multiply for small business owners at the Club. He also mentors a handful of students in his personal capacity and they help the club in their roles as Brand Ambassadors. He introduced the three students that he is mentoring and who are helping the club with social media. They were Lungelo Saule and Valentine Mohan and Thasmika Mohan. Each student gave valuable insight into how millennials perceive the future of social media and how vital they feel that it is going to be to business. A Fourth student, Jasmine Allan is also being mentored by Grant.
The July DEC meeting will welcome International speaker, CEO and Sales Guru, Mark Keating as Guest Speaker. Book online at

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