Marlene and her Growth Club Clients in a happy space!

ActionCOACH’S Marlene Powell, who  is celebrating eleven successful  years as one of their top coaches in South Africa and in the top 50 globally, recently held her second GrowthClub meeting for the year with clients in the Belaire Suites in Durban.  Marlene holds quarterly Growth Club workshops for her clients to help them assess where their business has got to over a 90 day period and help move it forward to achieving their business plan.  Marlene, who was the first woman in South Africa to buy into the franchise says that the success of her business is due to the fact that her clients on average achieved 372% increase in profits over the last year despite the economic doldrums in the country.

Says Marlene,  “GrowthCLUB is an ideal workshop for business owners and employees to attend.  It helps increase your learning and gives you a structure to plan growth in your business and personal lives.” She pointed out that business owners should put good systems in place and the right people on board – and they won’t suffer burnout. “Does your business work without you?  This is the aim.  You need to be running a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you.  Are you paying yourself a salary? Profit should be distributed as follows:  One third for you, one third  for the business and one third for wealth.  If you want to sell your business, the buyer needs to know how much you pay yourself.” She pointed out.

With regards to getting the balance right in business, Marlene said that business owners need to recognise the nine hats in business.  80% of the cashflow comes from marketing, sales and existing clients and customers.  10% comes from IT, HR, finance, business admin and strategic planning and 10% from personal development.

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