It has only been two months since Femme Forte, the job creation project for women in Chatsworth, KZN was founded, and already the women who joined the project are becoming skilled crafts women and are on the road to being able to market the products – from gorgeous bead work to scrumptious, yet healthy quick meals and beautifully tailored goods – that they’re making.

The project is the dream turned reality of award winning business woman, Jacqueline Pillay who grew up in Chatsworth and left her home several years ago – to get married, raise a family and start up a successful construction business, JasJian. Her heart has always been with the members of the Chatsworth community, especially the women, and in particular, the women who battle to find employment.

Classes are all free of charge and there are twenty permanent students on the course. Volunteers have come forward to help teach the ladies, Jacqui is still looking for a supplier of wholesale material, cooking equipment, and cooking ingredients.

Explained Jacqueline “This is a non-profit community project and it would be wonderful to see the whole community getting behind it to help these women who are doing their very best to raise their families on very little money.” She added: “ While women’s empowerment serves in granting economic independence to women, it also serves in contributing and benefiting the household and society as a whole. Pressure on one individual to earn a family’s living can be too much to bear, which is why it is right to share the burden. It would be wonderful if we could gradually uproot poverty from our country by facilitating proper distribution of wealth per household. Femme Forte is here to help with that concept.”
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