The popular monthly Entrepreneurs Workshops, that have been organised by Get U Noticed and the Hirsch’s PR team over the past eight months, saw a great turn out for the eighth workshop in their series – held on the first Friday of September at Hirsch’s Umhlanga.. The latest workshop was entitled Sales On Steroids and speakers Margaret Hirsch (COO of the Hirsch group) and Marlene Powell (one of KZN’s top Business Coach’s) gave participants some game changing sales boosting nuggets and ideas to take back to their businesses with them.
Pointed out Marlene “Don’t expect people to come to you because you think you have a great product. You need to go to them. In this country, people are doing incredibly well despite the economic climate and it’s because the successful businesses have the mindset of getting out of their comfort zone to attract customers.”
Margaret said that self esteem was important if you wanted to be on top of your sales targets. “You need to feel good about yourself and get yourself noticed – and the business will follow. Also, set yourself goals with vision boarding. It works every time. Focus on what you need, on a daily basis, and you will get it.”
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