I loved popping along to help style the photoshoot recently with one of my clients, Sarah Swainson from SarahElizabeth Lingerie. Sarah is an absolute genius when it comes to helping her clients feel comfortable and confident during bra fitting sessions. The shoot, with the fantastically creative and efficient Lara Weeks from Lara Weeks Photography, was all about fitting the model with the perfect bra, and something interesting that I took home from the shoot is that a tape measure does not need to be used if you are dealing with an expert in the bra fitting industry! They know, instinctively what size their clients are. So many women are wondering around wearing the wrong sized bra and it’s probably effecting their posture and their confidence in general. You wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes that was the wrong size – so it makes huge sense not to buy a bra that’s the wrong size 😉

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