When the going gets tough, the tough get going! A well used expression and one of my favourite songs of all time – thanks Billy Ocean!! That is exactly what has to happen in the situation that we find ourselves in today. Many businesses have no choice but to close their doors for the time being, but those that are teetering on the edge, or are still very much in business, need to consider that to stay relevant and on top of things, they need visibility. The tough need to get going – especially on the visibility front!!
Papers are still being churned out and online versions are being read like never before. People are thirsty for knowledge, information, help – anything to get them through this downtime. Get U Noticed has found many angles to get clients out there during down time, and it’s exciting to see the results. Our popular Margaret Hirsch and and Marlene Powell (Business Coach) Entrepreneurs Workshops are going ahead – via webinar, and thanks to the publicity, we have had a fantastic response to the first one which takes place on Friday, April 3 at 12.00 ( ), Netconfig clients are being kept up to date with all the latest information on working remotely – and we have had some fantastic exposure for the workshops and the tips on working remotely.
We are keeping Hirsch’s visible by posting tips and advice articles in a variety of publications. Sarah Swainson and Pawfect landed a column in the Citizen just before Lockdown and it’s going extremely well! We also got Sarah Elizabeth, her online and instore lingerie company into the Ridge just before lockdown – and their online version is being read voraciously.
So times may be tough, but there is till a lot that can be done – to remain visible!!

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