The world has done a massive somersault in such a short space of time and the human race has been left perplexed, bewildered and in many cases, knocked off their feet. It is totally pointless looking at the negative side of what is happening to us, it does nothing but make everything worse. So it’s fantastic to be surrounded by positive people who want to keep everyone up beat and on track to get their businesses back in a viable situation. Enter Marlene Powell, one of the top ActionCOACH franchisees, and the inimitable Margaret Hirsch who have been running the Entrepreneurs Workshops, started by the Get U Noticed team, for 18 months, free of charge and with boundless enthusiasm. (Have popped in a pic of the first workshop which was held in February 2019).
The online workshops have been going particularly well during lockdown – the next one is this Friday between 11 and 12. – this is the link:

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