Virtual meetings are helping businesses around the globe to stay on track and in touch with their customers, suppliers and the thought leaders in their industry over these last few months. They have definitely become the New Normal, taking out the stress of commuting and putting oneself at risk of catching a bug of any sort from fellow attendees.
Award winning business coach with ActionCOACH, Marlene Powell, has held her popular quarterly Growth Club workshops with clients, most of whom have been in business for well over ten years, since she started out with ActionCOACH twelve years ago, and she said that it was with trepidation that she would be moving online for her May Workshop.
Her fears were laid to rest with a 100% turnout of clients Zooming in to Marlene’s latest GrowthCLUB meeting where she was joined by Harry Welby-Cooke, the Master Licensee for ActionCOACH South Africa. (SHE IS PICTURED WITH HARRY AT THE ActionCOACH AWARDS EVENING AFTER WINNING BRAND PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR, 2019) Clients came online to share their Lockdown experiences and listen to ways that they can improve their business skills during this time from Marlene and Harry.
Marlene explains that her GrowthCLUB sessions have been put in place to help clients and their management teams to plan and prepare their 90 day plan. “The purpose of the day is to assess where the business has got to in the long term plan in the last 90 days and what needs to happen in the next 90 days. To move the business forwards towards achieving the plan.” She says. “It also helps business owners to increase their learning and gives them a structure to plan growth in their business and personal lives. The purpose of a business is for the business owner to have quality of life, and despite the obstacles that we have in our way right now, this is still the case.” She stresses.
Resilience was the word of the day during Marlene’s May GrowthCLUB session. Having the ability to bounce back after lockdown is key to getting ones business back on track. Change is the new norm and everyone has to accept that and be able to adapt accordingly.

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