We recently attended a free Zoom session with a team from Netconfig covering the topics Cyber Security and Microsoft Share Point.
One of the Technical Team Leaders at Netconfig, Michael Byrne’s talk on phishing had us riveted – both from a personal and business point of view.
Michael, who has been a PC enthusiast for years and is qualified in ethical hacking said that the more defensive we are – the better. He explained that initially e.mails were used to phish and although it was a concern, it wasn’t quite as challenging as it has become. “We see phishing attacks on a daily basis, and basically there are three types. Mass-scale phishing, spear phishing and whaling – attacks on higher level employees. There is also “smishing” which involves getting you to verify your details on sms.” The question is, how does one identify attackers? “If you receive a mail that concerns you even slightly, study the e.mail address carefully. There are usually spelling mistakes in the address. Click on the web address at the bottom of page and it will lead you to an unknown site. If you are even slightly suspicious, delete the e.mail and then delete again from your delete box.” In these uncertain times, Michael explained that healthcare providers are particularly under attack. Fake Covid19 products are being sold online.
The problem is that once you have been compromised, hackers will send you malicious e.mails. They could install malicious software that will monitor your machine. Hackers have also been able to hack into the cloud through share point.
If you want to find out more about phishing and how to protect yourself and your business, contact visit their website on

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