Businesses around the country are slowly coming out of the COVID-19 shock phase and the realisation that if they want to stay relevant and on top of the situation they find themselves in they need to be ticking all the boxes on the business engine front. Helping businesses to make sure that they are doing just that – and keeping them upbeat and positive right now is GET U NOTICED client and top business coach Marlene Powell who is rated in the top 100 ActionCOACH coaches in the world. She has become well known as the co-anchor, together with Margaret Hirsch, as the Hirsch’s Entrepreneurs Workshops that are held on a weekly basis for fledgling entrepreneurs.

Marlene’s latest offering for Entrepreneurs and Business owners around the country is her free BizCAFE – B2B Networking group which she launched on 17 July. It was attended by a variety of business owners from almost every province in South Africa and is going to be held once a month on the THIRD Friday of the month between 8.30 and 9.30 a.m. (August 21 is the next meet up). Visit the group’s facebook page to register and join the group. It is a great opportunity to punt your business and learn some life changing business skills!

Marlene, who has had twelve successful years running her ActionCOACH franchise in KZN and who has shared business insights on the global stage is a totally results orientated coach and despite the down turn in the economic landscape in the country right now, has continued to see most of the businesses she coaches flourish.

She pointed out that the latest research shows that 60% of businesses won’t survive lockdown and to help alleviate this problem she suggests that the definition of a successful business is to be profitable every month, every year. “ You need to be in a place where you are rocking. You need to give yourself permission to enjoy what you do. The business is there to give you a better quality of life. In the growth phrase you need to put systems in place and you should be focused on profits and creating wealth. Make marketing and sales a priority. Businesses fail if the DONT have the skills in marketing and sales.” She pointed out.


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