It’s the ultimate goal.  We all want it. We all deserve it and it’s right there in easy reach… but somehow, for some reason,  we sometimes don’t understand that it’s right within our grasp and we skate around it.  It’s simple, straight forward happiness!.

This extraordinary time in our history has left many people in a bewildered unhappy state.  Businesses lost, relationships broken, re-assessment of one’s future on the one hand – and on the other, it has been a time for reflection, a time to happily enjoy the small, simple things in life and a time to explore new ideas and exciting opportunities.

It has also been a time to take note of one’s attitude to life and make the right  choices. Michael Singer, the Author of New York Best Seller The Untethered Soul, succinctly  sums up making the choice to be happy.  In the book, Michael explains that  “Committing yourself to unconditional happiness will teach you every single thing there is to learn about yourself, about others, and about the nature of life. Every time a part of you begins to get unhappy, let it go. Work with it. Use affirmations or do whatever you need to do to stay open. If you are committed, nothing can stop you. No matter what happens, you can choose to enjoy the experience.  If they starve you and put you in solitary confinement, just have fun being like Gandhi. No matter what happens, just enjoy the life that comes to you.”

Continues Michael “The key to staying happy is really very simple. Begin by understanding your inner energies. If you look inside, you will see that when you’re happy, your heart feels open and the energy rushes up inside you. When you’re unhappy, your heart feels closed and no energy comes inside.  To STAY happy, don’t close your heart.”

You have that choice.  Don’t give up on happiness by closing  it out.  Keep an open heart – and you’ll be happy!!

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