Global keynote speaker Nic Haralambous, one of South Africa’s most successful young entrepreneurs who consults businesses globally, was the special Guest Speaker at the most recent Hirsch’s Entrepreneurs Workshop. The workshops are held on a weekly basis and are hosted by Get U Noticed clients and dynamic duo – Margaret Hirsch, award winning business woman and Executive Director of the Hirsch’s Group,  and one of the top business coaches in the country, Marlene Powell – who was the recent recipient of an ActionCOACH global award.


Entrepreneurs – both new and well established –  who have attended these events over the years, have found the workshops to be a boon for their businesses. Commented one regular attendee, Heidi Black from InTheBlack Accounting services: “The combination of Margaret and Marlene is dynamic.  During these sessions, I have learnt so much from every speaker that they have brought on and it has been so uplifting. It has just pushed me to do better every time.  When I have bad days, the highlight of my week is always Hirsch’s Webinars on Friday’s.  I just feel that I can do so much more at the end of the sessions.”


At the most recent session, which was entitled Locked and Loaded saw serial entrepreneur, Nic, who has  sold three businesses in the past decade and has, in his words,  “learnt many lessons through failure and success over an intense and exciting twenty-year obsession as an entrepreneur” explaining to attendees (Zoom and FB Live) that his work focuses on helping people start and build  businesses.  Said Nic “If you can change your perspective then your perspective can change your business. Don’t knock pressure. There needs to be panic in your life because things are changing –

and pressure is a privilege. Many successful businesses have been built during a recession –

constraints cause creativity!”


Marlene suggested that business owners reset their success triggers, and work with a firm plan in place – finding time to work on their business and spending time doing what they are passionate about outside the business to avoid burn out.


Margaret suggested that attendees subscribe to Nic’s Newsletter – nharry.com – to get more valuable  advice from this young icon in the business world.

NICS PARTING SHOT… connect on LinkedIN.  He posts every single day and has tremendous success on this platform.



Join Margaret and Marlene for the October 23 Workshop (between 11 and 12)  entitled How To Future Proof Your Business – with guest speakers, Mark Sham from Suits and Sneakers and Attorney, Robyn Hey.

Follow the link to join.



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