As a responsible retailer that cares about the environment, Hirsch’s Homestores, the largest independently owned appliance and electronics outlet in South Africa, recently partnered with Circular Energy, a registered not-for-profit, Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) to help customers wishing to dispose of their end of use appliances in an ethical manner, to do so.. As a PRO, Circular Energy are approved and registered with the Department of the Environment to operate a nationwide take-back system for the collection, recycling and environmentally sound processing of a variety of products, including electrical and electronic equipment.

Commented Patricia Schroeder, CEO of Circular Energy, on the process of recycling appliances “Once the appliance is collected from Hirsch’s it is taken to the recycling hub where it is put straight through a recycling machine and the various components are separated from the appliance. With regards to the shell – which often ends up in a landfill if it is not recycled – the PUV foam that acts as an insulation on the interior of the machine gets removed and as it’s a very good oil absorbant, it goes through a used oil process where it sucks up the oil and that gets used as an alternative fuel for Lafarge for them to make cement. Incidentally, A PUV foam is shortly going to be launched that is fully recyclabale. The metal from the shell is also recycled – How?

With regards to the compressors on appliances. The oil is drained from the compressor and that is collected and goes through to the oil recyclers. If there is still gas in the machine, that gets recovered and goes through to Agas which scrubs and re-uses it.
CEO of Hirsch’s, Richard Hirsch explained that Customers can now bring their old products to Hirsch’s branches around the country where well labelled designated areas have been set aside beside the dispatch departments for items to be recycled. “Hirsch’s are excited to have partnered with Circular Energy with regards to helping to keep the environment clear of end of use items. “When our clients come through to buy new products from us, they can rest assured that their old products will be recycled ethically, thus avoiding the problem of landfills overflowing with harmful waste.” He said.

PATRICIA IS PICTURED WITH Mike Charles, presenter, Radio Life and Style 88FM

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