The Earth Changing DSTV Channel190 programme EARTH BEAT  is back by popular demand  on October14.


Earth Beat, the popular, insightful, education programme that deals with the conservation of our planet, is due to come back on air on October the 14th on DSTV’S Channel 190.  The first series that was aired earlier this year,  was so successful that the KZN film commission have sponsored the second series.


The programme is about experiences, discoveries and the passions of a variety of people who are living healthier and happier lives by connecting more closely with nature in Southern Africa.  The show is hosted by South Africa’s very own Global Warrior, Kerry Dell, who  interviews people from all walks of life, including environmental, financial and health gurus who urge us to understand and connect with the global shift in consciousness in ensuring our sustainability on the planet.


Exciting news is that  EarthBeat, now an NGO,  has been endorsed by the Rai Group in the USA and  they will  be promoting the TV series to the USA market.  Commented Kerry who met with the Founders of the group on a recent visit to New York, Alexis Rai Whittlock and  Jerrica Rai Gaynor –

Commented Kerry “ Rai Group International is a strategic consulting agency focused on partnership building and influencing productivity in sustainable development, women’s empowerment, and entrepreneurship. Their collaboration with Earth Beat to expand the impact of agricultural education and women’s empowerment is a huge milestone to fulfilling their commitments to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  We are thrilled with this partnership and the knowledge that what is happening in South Africa to help conserve our planet, will be shown to massive audiences in the States.”


Kerry has also partnered with the Joyce Banda Foundation, set up by the former President of Malawi Joyce Banda, to help transform villages in Southern Africa through educational and sustainable development programmes.



Featured  in the programme will be Durban as a Green City, profiles on two KwaZulu-Natal conservationists who have left behind strong messages for the world: Ian Player and Lawrence Anthony, and a traditional healer in the KZN Midlands who followed the messages that came through from ancestors to protect our indigenous plants


Producer, Sandra Herrington, who has 25 years of broadcast environmental programming behind her, has teamed up with her Cameraman/Director son, Anton and Kerry to produce the show.


Feedback from the public on the previous Earth Beat series has been encouraging  and positive.   Complimenting Kerry on the show one of the many thousands of Earth Beat fans commented :   “We are very excited that what comes across so strongly is the impact your programme is going to make using ‘real’ and ‘local’ people making a difference.  There are none, however, who are making the impact you are making – with understanding the essence of what these people are trying to do and then – sharing those amazing stories – which will make those acts multiply.  In a similar way that the soccer 2010 made an impact – your and Sandy’s vision and production are EARTH CHANGING!!!!”