Get-U-Noticed’s Glenda Thompson, PR consultant for the Hirsch group, and Hirsch’s Ana Sotero from the marketing department, recently popped down to the Hisense Factory in Atlantis Industrial Park outside Cape Town, for a tour of their State of the Art factory that manufactures TV’s and fridges for the neighbouring SADC countries and South African market, with a generous portion going to Hirsch’s, the top independent Appliance and Electronics retailer in South Africa
The Hirsch team were impressed by the number of women workers in the factory. The women aGLENDA THOMPSON, JOHAN DUTOIT AND ANA SOTERO BESIDE COMPLETED FRIDGE ASSEMBLY LINE DSC_0052-001re employed mostly on the PC Board assembly line, as they are more adept at working with the small components. “The women are all delighted that Hisense opened the factory in the Cape – giving them all jobs and boosting the community generally,” said Edith Henkman, one of the senior staffers on the assembly line. Watching fridges being assembled was also a fascinating experience for the Hirsch’s team, with Hirsch’s being the biggest supplier of fridges in the independent market in South Africa. Twelve hundred fridges are assembled on a daily basis in the factory, 100 of which are the popular glass door fridges.
Hisense are sponsoring the Western Cape, Margaret Hirsch Women in Business Achiever of the Year awards Gala Dinner evening which will be held on April 7 at Century City. “Our association with Hirsch’s is very valuable and we are proud to be sponsors of this prestigious event.” Hisense Marketing Manager, Claire Noyes Smith told us.