I love stories of people who believe in themselves so strongly, that nothing and nobody will stand in the way for them to reach their goal in life. Successful people all have the same belief system, the word CAN’T is not part of their personal dictionary. Clients, Margaret Hirsch, Grant Gavin, and Lesa Bradshaw, all meet this criteria.. and so does Ross Thompson, my eldest child who I have watched, growing from a confident, happy, but very small little boy – to General Manager, and Member of Siemens Pacific Executive Leadership Team at Siemens and a Trustee of CEDA – the Committee for Economic Development of Australia.
Throughout his primary school years, Ross was always the smallest boy in the class – smallest child at one stage as he was at co-ed schools in his early years. He capitalised on the fact that he was so small and insisted on taking part in Judo and Karate competitions that he shone at because of his ability – not his size. I am quite sure, that when Ross hit adolescence , when size mattered, his determination (and, yes, possibly genetics) to grow, took over and sure enough, he went from being one of the tiniest boys in his class, to one of the tallest.
When he decided to that he wanted to study in Australia, and my late husband and I told him that it was out of our price bracket at the time – he came up with a proposal that would see us paying for his tution (which he paid back) and he paid for everything else. He took on a variety of jobs after hours and cycled backwards and forwards to Uni at QUT dodging heavy traffic to get to lectures on time. He set up an entrepreneurial business selling Zambian craftsmen designed and manufactured wooden curios of Australian wild life – to curio shops in Australia.
Nothing was going to stand in his way to get to the top – and I am proud to say that he has, and I am quite sure, will continue to grow from strength to strength.