We really can’t afford to continue to take nature, and our environment for granted! I loved an article that I read recently about Craig Foster,who worked on a documentary about an octopus, diving down to study it’s habits, and really forming an amazing bond with this highly intelligent creature. Says Craig “Humans have forgotten the natural law. We don’t realise that environmental disaster will affect everything. All our supposed political and financial problems rest on environmental foundations. We think that it will be ok, but in fact, we won’t be able to eat or breathe. We’ve stepped out of this process and have completely disconnected from an intelligence that’s superior to ours and far more sophisticated. It makes sense to stop and take note and look and learn from nature. For me the octopus is the ambassador of nature!”
My personal hero is the mongoose. They are trying so hard to work around having their homes destroyed by the massive urban developments taking place on the KZN North Coast. They have learnt to adapt, somehow! We need to give them the respect they deserve and, slow down when we see these little guys crossing the road. My vote is for Mongoose Crossing signs wherever they can be erected!!

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