Change is wonderful! As I write, the Zimbabwean elections are taking place and with any luck there WILL be change in my old home country after many decades of misrule! Zimbabweans in the diaspora are on the edge of their seats waiting to see what will happen in their old homeland, and many will be wondering whether or not to return. It is so tempting to make great plans to head back, but for most of us in South Africa, this has become home. It is filled with promise and great opportunities, and also with wonderful, talented people like my brilliant web designers, Karla and Dave from Simplygraphic. simplygraphic.co.za They have done an outstanding job with the re design. Not that I didn’t love my old site, I did! However, GetUNoticed is growing and expanding and we needed a trendy new image. A huge thanks to Karla and Dave for your patience and advice. Looking forward to working on many more projects together!

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