The Get U Noticed team are delighted with this initiative that they came up with at the beginning of the year. The response has been absolutely brilliant and a game changer for many new business owners, many of whom had no idea how to structure their businesses.

Hirsch’s, in conjunction with one of the top Business Coach’s in South Africa, Marlene Powell, held their popular monthly Entrepreneurs Workshop recently and the subject under discussion for the latest workshop was the importance of Cash Flow.
Award winning business woman and COE of the Hirsch Group, Margaret Hirsch, gave the 60 enthusiastic budding and established team of entrepreneurs from around KZN a great taste of what it takes to stay on top of ones expenses by making sure that every cent is accounted for, and why investing wisely should be a priority.
Marlene continued with some more solid advice, telling the group that they need to become psychologically attuned to knowing when to pay bills and making sure that an emergency fund is always in place.
Both Margaret and Marlene were commended by the audience for their solid advice over the months. “We have learnt so much from these workshops and hope that they continue into the new year.” Commented Aritha Aleka. After the event, one of the participants, Gita Harie shared her experience of working with Marlene who is one of the top 100 business coaches in the world. Marlene offered her business coaching services as part of her CSI contribution to coach a Management member of the NGO that Gita was the Executive Director of. “Marlene’s skills, knowledge and coaching contributed to the sustainability of the NGO during tough economic times and we are truly appreciative to her for her commitment and passion.” She said.

The final Entrepreneurs Workshop for the year will be held on Friday, November 1 with Marlene Powell and Allan Hirsch giving a round up of 2019 and looking at ways to move successfully into the New Year. Contact to book your seat.

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