Attending one of well known Business Coach, Marlene Powell’s quarterly GrowthCLUBS is a bit like attending a personal celebratory workshop. One gets to think of all the positive, exciting things that one has achieved, and is encouraged to plan ahead for an equally positive three month period in one’s business life, making sure to include a good dash of personal fulfilment.
At the October GrowthCLUB that Get U Noticed attended recently at Belaire Suites in Durban, delegates shared their achievements with the group, both on the business and personal front, and it was astounding to see how many people were actually achieving their goals, thanks to Marlene’s down to earth no nonsense approach with her clients.
Commented Marlene “These GrowthCLUBs were started to help clients and their management team put together and prepare their 90 day plan at week 13 of the coaching system. The purpose of the day is to assess where the business has got to on their long term plan in the last 90 days and what needs to happen in the next 90 days to move the business forwards towards achieving that plan.”
GrowthCLUB is also an ideal workshop for business owners and employees to attend. It helps to increase their learning and give them a structure to plan growth in their business and personal lives.

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