With more and more people setting up office in their home space, the Get U Noticed team recently had a chat with Amanda Nkosi, one of the Cloud Experts with Network Configurations (NETCONFIG) to find out the benefits of SharePoint and how it helps organisations work remotely.

Says Amanda “Sharepoint can be considered the new File server in the cloud,. It is a major component of the Microsoft 365 suite of applications and the need to invest in expensive hardware that sits at your office on premise has diminished.”

The main thing about SharePoint, Amanda told us, is that it is very user friendly and allows information to be stored on one central location accessible from anywhere and anytime. This helps the users to find the information they need quickly. Says Amanda “With most organizations working remotely, SharePoint can be accessed anywhere on any device. Users can collaborate on a document together, which makes it easy for other team members to see what changes have been made on the document. Users can also share documents with external users which makes collaboration a breeze.”

Amanda confirms that since Company data is no longer confined to a Server sitting on premises Sharepoint allows users to not only access the data securely but by applying different permissions only specific users are able to access the data they have permission to. “We have successfully configured conditional access, which also prohibits users from accessing Sharepoint after hours and from non secure devices if there is no need to”. Amanda’s last tip is to ensure all users have Multifactor authentication to add an extra layer of security and protect digital assets.

Netconfig have taken Sharepoint up a notch – using Power apps and Power automate to build customised low code apps that solve Business challenges. Netconfig’s Simon Mcloughlin says that every business has some challenges that can be solved by a simple app. “We have developed, as an example, a paperless system for our deliveries to clients and updates for our logistics team in realtime thereby enhancing the customer experience. All of this is developed using SharePoint in the background”. Wikus Botha, Netconfig’s Development Team lead says that the power to automate business processes using Power automate and Sharepoint takes process automation to another level. “There are so many mundane tasks that can be automated and optimised so users are able to focus on things that really matter. Sharepoint makes this possible.” He explains.

The Covid 19 has changed how businesses work and all three experts agree that using SharePoint from the Microsoft 365 offering is the way to go if you want to empower your remote workforce.

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