Three powerful marketing professionals joined the Hirsch’s weekly Entrepreneurs Workshop this week to brainstorm ways to help fellow entrepreneurs stay on track with well planned marketing strategies to get them through difficult times.  Margaret Hirsch, Executive Director of the Hirsch’s Group, and Business Coach with ActionCOACH Marlene Powell were joined by Nox Magwaza, the Founder of Bloom Marketing, Dimakatso Moloantoa, the Founder of Amari Marketing and Ntsiki Mkhize Social Entrepreneur and Founder of MentHer.


Nox, who is passionate about seeing women advance in the workplace,  set the tone explaining that the best time to market is in “tough times”. “Many people hadn’t even considered branding before Covid19 hit and now there is a rush to get websites up and running. There has also been massive growth in the business social media platform LinkedIn. We have found it very useful to carry out consults online and have had great success selling subsidiary items like journals online.” She also stressed the importance of following up with customers – old and new – on a regular basis.


Dimakatso pointed out that showing a caring attitude right now was vital for entrepreneurs and SMME’s to survive. “If you are always consulting and GIVING advice, you will inevitably be the go  to person when people get back into the full swing of things. Relationships are all about give and take. Connect to people on a one to one level.”  She also stressed the importance of digital marketing right now and once one has a suitable strategy in place – to measure on a regular basis. “What gets measured grows.” She explained.


Ntsiki stressed the importance of building up one’s data base as a way to make connections.  “Relationship building is vital at times like this.  How are you adding value to your relationships??” She asked.  She also explained the importance of mentorship. “The first thing that people buy – is you. Be mindful of what your story is.  Action what you have said you will do – immediately. Don’t let people hang on. Building a solid reputation helps towards building a solid business.” She said.


Marlene said that she had found that the clients that she has coached over the last six months who have stuck to a solid marketing campaign have thrived.  “You can market in so many ways.  Find the marketing platform that suits you – to have a conversation with YOUR marketplace, and make your marketing consistent.  Also remember that we need to complete one another right now – not compete against each other.”


Margaret concluded the conversation explaining that South Africa was the perfect country for entrepreneurs and there were so many different avenues to work through on the marketing front.

She believes that advertising works  – but adverts don’t. “Building sound relationships go a long way to building a solid market for your brand.”  She said.


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